Company Profile
Company Profile

It is located in Yongkang, in the middle of Zhejiang Province, which is known as the "Hardware Capital". The industry here is well-developed, with outstanding people and beautiful mountains and rivers. The annual "China Science and Technology Hardware Expo" is a world-renowned gathering of merchants.

Hongyun Industrial Co., Ltd. covers an area of 25,000 square meters. The company specializes in R&D and manufacturing of heavy-duty vehicle half-shafts, automotive alternators, condensing radiators and other auto parts. It is one of the few domestic suppliers of heavy-duty vehicle half-shaft design and development solutions.

The company was founded in 1999 by Wang Hongyong and Ying Xiangwan. Its predecessor was Chengbei Water Tank Factory. After more than ten years of hard work and precipitation, the company has achieved great development, especially in recent years, the company has entered a stage of rapid development. Significantly improved in terms of high-tech products and advanced equipment.

At present, the company's product sales outlets not only cover more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country, but also export to Russia, Southeast Asia, South America and Eastern Europe and other countries and regions. Typical customers of condensing radiators include Zhejiang Sifang Group, Changchai Co., Ltd., Changzhou Changfa Power, Fujian Jinfeiyu, Chongqing Jingong, Chongqing Camille, Sichuan Emei Power, Jiangsu Changgong Power and dozens of well-known national companies; heavy-duty vehicles The axles have provided military and civilian heavy-duty vehicle axles for Shaanxi Automobile Group Hande Axle Co., Ltd., Beiqi Foton Group Ankai Axle Plant, FAW Group Qingdao Qingte Axle Plant and other well-known axle plants in the country. The bridge is used for military vehicles and civilian vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and Foton. A sound sales network has been formed.

The company establishes a sound and complete modern enterprise management system according to the requirements of modern enterprise development. At present, the distribution of various professional talents in the company is reasonable, and there are front-line employees who are mainly experienced in mechanical design and market experience, strong production technology backbone, professional marketing, technical service personnel, and intermediate technicians.

The company actively introduces high-quality talents and has a strong management team. At present, it has 380 employees, 67 middle and senior scientific and technical personnel, and all the main management personnel have college education or above, rich professional knowledge, strong sense of innovation, and strong Market pioneering spirit and management ability.

In order to ensure that it is in a leading position in technology and the market, and to meet customer needs to a greater extent, the company has continued to carry out scientific and technological innovation. The company actively carries out industry-university-research activities, and jointly established the Fortune-Hande Product R&D Center with Shaanxi Automobile Group-Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd., and carried out a number of new product development and cooperation. The R&D center is dedicated to product material analysis, Continuous innovation in processing technology, quenching and tempering heat treatment, machine automation and other technologies. In addition, on the basis of independent research and development, through cooperation with Zhejiang University, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and Shaanxi Automobile Group, we can keep track of the development trends of advanced technologies at home and abroad in a timely manner, and accelerate the development of new products.

The company passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and ISO/TS16949 international quality system certification in 2002, and has independent brands such as "Hongyong", "Mountain Horse" and "Three Color Horse". Apply for more than ten national patents. Make company management more systematic and scientific, laying a solid foundation for the company's large-scale development. In accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO/TS16949 quality management system, the company has established a sound production management organization system and detailed process flow, testing procedures and operating specifications, complete production and testing methods, process and standard management documents sound.

Hongyun Industrial Co., Ltd. belongs to the backbone enterprise of Yongkang City and the growth star enterprise of Zhejiang Province. For many years, it has been rated as "Trustworthy Unit of Labor", "Excellent Enterprise in Tax Payment", "Advanced Unit for Safe Production", and "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Unit". In 2011, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise and was also rated as a technologically advanced enterprise and a technological small and medium-sized enterprise that year.

In 2014, the company's total assets were 137 million yuan, the main business income exceeded 100 million yuan for three consecutive years (including branches), and the total profit was 11.7 million yuan. The company's internal financial management system is sound, and various financial expenditures are audited and supervised to ensure the rationality and safety of the use of funds and the standardization of financial operations. The company's bank credit is in good condition, with a bank credit rating of "AAA". The company's operating performance has grown steadily, and it has been appraised as one of the 100 most valuable enterprises in Zhejiang Province by the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission.

The company is rigorous in management and has a set of effective rules and regulations. The management has rich experience in corporate management. It always adheres to the business philosophy of quality first and user first. It follows the quality policy of product quality first and service and timely satisfaction. Apply high-tech achievements and advanced technologies to product development and manufacturing, deliberately pursue perfect product quality, create a good corporate image and quality reputation, and establish good cooperative relations with our customers.

The company actively responded to the government's call to formulate and strive to achieve the long-term goal of "second departure".

In 2013, the company completed an annual production of 300,000 heavy-duty truck half-shaft technological transformation projects, and introduced a number of advanced production equipment from Germany and Switzerland. Breaking through the traditional spline cutting process, using the spline cold extrusion molding process to process half-shaft splines is the first in China. Greatly improve the efficiency and quality of half-shaft machining.

In 2015, the company merged and reorganized Zhejiang Boyu Industrial Co., Ltd., the largest generator and starter production company in Yongkang City, which enabled the company to step up to a new level on the road of becoming bigger and stronger, transforming and upgrading, and once again realizing self-transformation. Style development.

In the future, Hongyun will continue to track advanced technologies at home and abroad, increase investment in science and technology, vigorously carry out independent innovation, and take the road of sustainable development. Continuously provide advanced technology and high-quality products for my country's automobile industry, and make greater contributions to my country's economic construction!

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